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Who we are!

When did Sandella's Flatbread Café start in the Kingdom?

Sandella's Flatbread Café سانديلاز was started in Saudi Arabia in 2010

under Tulin World Food Company.

Today, Sandella’s Flatbread Café has grown to be the largest and fastest growing flatbread concept in the world offering delicious wraps, paninis, quesadillas, pizzas, salads, sub sandwiches and more. We pride ourselves in offering premium quality health-conscious food that is also great-tasting.


Why we grow so fast!

Time-line of Sandella's Flatbread Café from 2010 to Present

Sandella’s Flatbread Café Saudi Arabia was started in 2010. The first Branch located at Prince Faisal bin Fahad Road, Al-Khobar was opened in August of the same year. After almost five months of operations, the second branch was opened in January 2011. It was followed by the opening of third branch located at Faoud Center, Corniche Al-Khobar. In 2012 the fourth branch was opened in Dammam Food Plaza. On the following year 2013 two more branches were

opened in Al-Khobar located at King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) and King Fahad Hospital (KFH). In July 2014 Sandella’s Aramco Branch was opened at Al Munirah Commissary. In 2016, two more branches were added at Aljamaeyeen in Dammam and at Eurovillage

Compound in Al-Khobar.


Our Story

Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Quality of service given to our customers

90.5 %

General Average

85 %

Crew Appearance

87 %


94 %


96 %

Food Quality



In 1994 when Michael J. Stimola decided to open a small coffee and sandwich shop, he wanted

its name to reflect the two most important women in his life - his wife, Sandy and his mom,

Ellajane. The first Sandella’s restaurant opened in Crystal Mall in Waterford, Connecticut and

offered upscale sandwiches on baguettes and artisan breads. Flatbread was introduced in

1996 to rave reviews from loyal customers. A secret recipe, the flatbread is a traditional lavash

- soft when fresh but crispy when grilled in our ovens. In 1996, the closest thing to flatbread

was tortillas/wraps; but the centuries-old Middle Eastern bread was far healthier with no fat

and considerably lower calories than tortillas. The flatbread was so favored by the customers

that Sandella’s decided to drop all the other artisan breads and only offer sandwiches on their

authentic brick oven baked flatbread.

The first Sandella’s college campus location opened in 2002 at Louisiana State University.

Sandella’s items stood out in the food court as a healthy option that was still fast and delicious.

As a result of this success, Sandella’s expanded steadily and is now in approximately

100 college campuses, corporate offices and several transportation hubs in the United States.

Additionally, Sandella’s has expanded internationally with another 30 locations in the UAE,

Malta, India, and Saudi Arabia.

Today, Sandella’s Flatbread Cafe has grown to be the largest and fastest growing flatbread

concept in the world offering delicious wraps, paninis, quesadillas, grilled flatbreads, salads,

rice bowls and more. We’ve worked hard over the years perfecting our flatbread recipe, using

only the finest ingredients. Our flatbread is all natural and does not contain any artificial

flavors or colors. It is the perfect complement to a healthy diet as it is fat free, trans-fat free

and low calorie. In fact, all our flatbread menu items contain no trans-fats. We pride ourselves

on offering premium quality, health-conscious food that is also great tasting.


Our Branches

Sandella's Aqrabiyyah Branch

Sandella's KFH Branch

Sandella's Al Hada Branch




King Fahd Hospital, Aqqrabiyyah,

Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Mobile # 0553633387

Near Toyota Lexus,

Al-Hada, Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Mobile # N/A

Prince Faisal Bin Fahad Road,

Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Telephone # 0138877556 Free Delivery


Sandella's KFUPM Branch

Sandella's Aramco Branch

Sandella's Eurovillage Branch




Al-Munirah Commissary, Lulu Hypermarket,

ARAMCO, Dahran, Saudi Arabia

Eurovillage Compound

Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia


Dahran, Saudi Arabia

Telephone #  0138607296

Mobile # 0503295648

Mobile #  0550144048 Free Delivery inside the Compound

Sandella's Al Jamaeyeen Branch


Ibn Al Nafes Street

Dammam Saudi Arabia

Mobile # 0504244137 Free Delivery

Sandella's Al Aziziyah Branch



Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Mobile # 0539018076 Free Delivery

We are serving

Choose from Italian to Mexican


Panini | Pizza | Quesadilla | Wraps | Sub-Sandwich | Salads | Calzone



Margherita Pizza مارغريتا بيتزا

Pisa Pizza بيزا بيتزا

BBQ Pizza باربكيو بيتزا

Jalapino Pizza  جالبينو بيتزا

Pepperoni Pizza  ببروني بيتزا

Gustollas Pizza  غوستلاز بيتزا

Vegetarian Pizza  بيتزا خضروات

Philly Cheese Steak Pizza  فيلي تشيز ستيك بيتزا

Four Cheese Pizza  اربع انواع جبنه بتزا

Chicken Alfredo Pizza



California Quesadilla كاليفورنيا كاساديا

Philly Steak Quesadilla فيلي ستيك  كاساديا

BBQ Quesadilla باربكيـــــو كاساديا



Chicken Verona Wrap فيرونا دجاج رابس

Chicken Caesar Wrap سيزر دجاج رابس

Chicken Fajita Wrap فاهيتا دجاج رابس



Western Omelet وسترن اومليت

South of the Border Panini ساوث بوردر

American Omelet امريكان اوميليت

Mushroom & Cheese Omelet فطر مع جبنه اومليت

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Tuscan Chicken Panini دجاج توسكان بانيني

Turkey & Mozzarella Panini ديك الرومي مع جبنه الموزريلا بانيني

Philadelphia Panini فيلادفيا ستيك بانيني

Shawarma Panini


صب ساندويتش


Halloumi Cheese جبنه الحلومي صب

Teriyaki Chicken دجاج ترياكي صب

Philly Beef فيلي لحم صب

BBQ دجاج باربكيو صب

Tuna تونا صب

Philly Chicken فيلي دجاج صب

Pesto Chicken دجاج البيستو صب

Turkey ديك رومي صب


Calzone and Desserts


Banana Calzone شوكليت كالزون بالموز

Chocolate Calzone شوكليت كالزون

Strawberry Cheesecake تشيز كيك فراوله

Blueberry Cheesecake تشيز كيك توت

Ebony Cake ايبوني كيك

Tiramisu Cake تراميسو كيك

Cookies كوكيـــز

Hot and Cold Drinks

المشروبات البارده والساخنه

Tea  شاي

Single & Double Espresso / Mechato اسبريسو & اسبريسو ميكاتو

American Coffee امريكانو

Latte لاتيه

Hot Chocolate شوكلاته ساخنه

Cappuccino كابتشينو

Mocha موكا

Pepsi, Mirinda & 7UP بيبسي & سفن اب & ميرندا

Smoothies سموثي

Fresh Orange عصير برتقال طازج

Aquapana مياه اكوابانا

Sparkling Water مياه غازيه

Meniral Water مياه معدنيه طبيعيه

Ice Mocha موكا مثلجه

Ice Chocolate شوكولاته مثلجه


السلطــه والبطاطــس


Classic Greek Salad يونانيــه

Chicken Caesar Salad دجاج سيزر

Potato Wedges بطاطس ودجز

Potato Crisscut بطاطس كريس كت

Chips شيبس


Available on all 8 Branches in Eastern Region


All are made with fresh Ingredients






Criss cuts & Wedges




The Fastest Flatbead Concept in The World



Updated : 01-November-2016

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